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Newbon Family History
The Family of Sarah Jane Crickmer


1810 (Blackfriars)


1893 (Croydon)


James Newbon (1778-1830)


Jane Newbon, formerly Cobbett (1777-1861)


Charles Crickmer (d1854)


Sarah Jane Elizabeth Anna Maria Crickmer (1836-1913), Mary Eliza Emma Crickmer (b1837), Charles James Crickmer (1838-1917), John Ebenezer Crickmer (1840-1912),

Samuel Alfred Crickmer (1841-1842)



at 3 Bath Terrace, Lambeth with Charles and their children.



at 11 South Place, Newington with Charles and their children. This is the only census to reveal that Charles Crickmer was born in Norfolk.



Sarah Jane Crickmer was living with her brother- and sister-in-law William and Mary Crickmer at 68 Huntingdon Street, Islington. Like his brother Charles, William Crickmer (an accountant by profession) was born in Norfolk.



Sarah Jane Crickmer was still living with her sister-in-law Mary (now a widow of 77) at 3 Ridgeway Villas, Wadden New Road, Croydon. Sarah Jane, although only 61, must have been frail and infirm, and presumably senile, since she is described by the unfortunate and rather general Victorian term ‘imbecile’.



Sarah Jane and Mary Crickmer can be found at 116 Wadden New Road, Croydon, although it is not clear whether or not this was the same house as 10 years previously. Sarah Jane is once again classed as an imbecile. Mary’s two granddaughters Sophia and Alice Thomas were also living at the same address. Sophia was a governess and Alice secretary to Croydon High School.



Sarah Jane Crickmer is still at the same address in Croydon, 116 Wadden New Road, but now alone with Sophia and Alice Thomas, Mary Crickmer having died in 1884.  From the available choice of ‘lunatic, imbecile or idiot’ Sarah Jane is described as a ‘lunatic’, although it is not clear how this differs from her ‘imbecile’ state of 10 years previously!

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