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Newbon Family History
To do

Future research plans include the following:

Walter Newbon’s first apprentice: John Berry
Who was this boy? If he was a freeman of the City of London, his freedom indenture should reveal this.

Benjamin Prior
To check details of the marriage of Benjamin Prior (of St Ann, Blackfriars) to Ann Sankey (of St Andrew’s, Westminster) at Gray’s inn, Chapel on March 12 1754. Where are these records held?

Where was Henrietta Harriet Blyde baptised c1790?
She is listed as of the parish of Christchurch, Southwark, but so far her baptism has not been found.

The Feltham family of Southwark
To follow up William Feltham’s career as an officer of the Marshalsea Prison and find out how he came to die in the workhouse.

Joseph Newbon?
Is the photograph of a lawyer from the 1870s sent by a Brockelbank correspondent in the States Joseph Newbon? Hopefully photographs of the Common Council of the City of London might reveal the answer.

Chancery proceedings
To make a full transcript of the case of Newbon v Edge and to check the transcript of Murray v Newbon against the original.

To check whether any other papers from these cases survive separately from the main documents.

To construct timelines of the lives of key members of the Newbon family.

Bank of England
Finish investigating the Newbon family’s 3% annuity accounts - done?
Look to see if the family had any other type of stocks at the bank of England - done?

John Shelton
To follow up recent findings concerning John Shelton’s life in Southwark, in particular:
To check Wardens accounts for St Saviour contractors (held at LMA) - done (no detail in information available).
To see if John Shelton was a freeman of the City of London (given that he was ‘of the parish of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe’ in 1800 and that he subsequently held contracts with several City wards) - a John Shelton, son of Samuel Shelton of Charlton, Kent was made a freeman of the Tylers & Bricklayers Company by redemption in 1803. The records of the company are kept at Guildhall Library and are available as manuscripts.
To look at rate books for the City of London from around 1800 to see if John Shelton can be found.
To see if John’s death can be located at Southwark Register Office.
To look at St Saviour rate books between 1800 and 1809 to find out when John Shelton started living at 73 Great Suffolk Street / Gravel Lane.

The Cooper family of Charlton, Kent
To look at post-1858 wills of this family, who were somehow related to Susannah Shelton.

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