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Newbon Family History
During the 18th century the Newbon family of King’s Cliffe developed links with several other towns. Its connections with London will not come as a surprise, although equally strong were links with Staffordshire and with Hertfordshire, in particular the town of Redbourn.

As England’s largest city, London has always attracted individuals from far and wide. Over the centuries numerous members of the Newbon family moved there generally for work-related reasons (for example, to take up an apprenticeship with a London-based relative, or simply in the hope of finding work, particularly at difficult economic times). Throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries Newbons can be found in the capital.

The link with the Potteries can be dated precisely to the departure of two brothers from King’s Cliffe in the 1780s, presumably in the search for work in this rapidly developing industrial area. Staffordshire has in fact gone on to become the most thriving centre of the surname in the modern times; its Newbon heritage is explored on the following page of this website.

Hertfordshire (the town of Redbourn)
During the 18th century a number of connections between King’s Cliffe and the town of Redbourn in Hertfordshire can be discerned. The origins of Redbourn’s links with the Newbon family are not known but the lives of a number of inhabitants of these two localities intersect in interesting ways during the period from
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