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Newbon Family History

In the light of recent research, the following pages of this website have been updated:

January 2009
Home - the homepage has been redesigned.

Elsewhere - details have been added about the Newbon family of Staffordshire.

Walter Newbon - details have been added about the family of Sarah Feltham, daughter of Walter Newbon.

March 2009
The Brockelbank Family - various dates have been added and several more children of Lucretia Brockelbank have been discovered.

Name Index - more detail of the names of several children of Charles Henry and Lydia Newbon has been included, along with more accurate birth dates.

James Shelton Newbon - further detail has been included of letters written by members of James Shelton Newbon’s family to The Times newspaper in the early years of the 20th century.

November 2009
To do - a page listing future research projects and ideas.

December 2009
World War I - further details of those members of the family who died during the Great War. Details of other members of the family who served will be added in due course.

September 2011
Ann Newbon, née Dixon - in the light of information unearthed concerning the Dixon family, a page has been added devoted to Ann’s family.

Redbourn - a page has been added with information about the town of Redbourn in Hertfordshire, the home of the Dixon family in the 18th century.

October 2011
Susannah and John Shelton - in the light of information unearthed concerning John Shelton, a page has been added devoted to Susannah and John.

March 2014
World War I - images of letters and other effects concerning the death Frederick Ernest Newbon have been added.

January 2017
Walter Henry Newbon’s family - with the continual expansion of information available through the Ancestry website along with other online resources it has been recently been possible to find a lot more information about the family of Walter Henry Newbon.
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