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Newbon Family History

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Tuesday 24 February 2009, 07:18 - Peter Newbon (peter@indigo.net.au)
Hi, discovered this website today and it is very interesting.
I live in Western Australia ( there are a handfull of Newbons in the WA phonebook, but due to family separation I don't know them )
Only Newbon I have contact with is my brother Michael who lives in Melbourne Vic. My sister married many years ago.
Thought I'd ask if you were doing research on Newbons in Aust.
As a child I can only remember being told that my descendents were from the UK.

Thursday 12 March 2009, 19:52 - Eileen Walker (e.walker1@homecall.co.uk)
I have found this site fascinating to read. Having the maiden name of Newbon I have a keen interest and have been doing my own research. My link is from the Longton Newbons but I really enjoyed reading about all the Newbon family.

Saturday 18 Apr 2009, 18:48 - Paul John Newbon (e-mail address available on request)
There have been at least four generations of Newbons around the Dover, Kent, UK area. I am trying to find where my family originated (the Midlands I think?) and would like contact through my e-mail address. Please no spam or negative contact, I don't mind being contacted by researchers.

Saturday 18 April 2009, 23:50 - Elizabeth Bowers (njwildflower@netzero.net)
I just came across this Newbon site and wonder if you might be of some assistance.
My Great-Grandmother was Ethel Newbon who married Ernest Bowers. They lived in Trenton NJ and had 3 children Arthur (my father), Alfred and Clarise.
The little info I have is that Ethel left Ernest with the children and later married a George Brian (sp?) Also I think she passed in 1975.
I have not been successful in finding her or her ancestors.
Does any of this above information coincide with any of your Newbon family records? It's also possible the last name was spelled Neubon but have had no success there either.
Thank you so much for any help.

Saturday 30 May 2009, 00:44 - Barry & Lisa Thomas (lisalisa@sunet.com.au)
We are looking for information on Ivy May Newbon and any links that you may have with that branch of the family . Believe she was born in the period 1900-02 and worked as a pottery painter .
She married Tom Thomas and had her first child in 1920 William James Newbon Thomas , who later emigrated to Australia .
look forward to hearing any advice / news or comments
best regards

Wednesday 22 July 2009, 14:12 - Kathleen Cartlidge (kathleenc83@googlemail.com)
I am a Newbon from Staffordshire and have found your site most interesting.
Have you done any further research on the Staffordshire Newbons my family is mostly based in the Longton area of Stoke -on-Trent.
I didn't realise that Newbon was such an uncommon name.

Monday 7 September 2009 20:50 - Johnny Allan (johnnyallan1@tiscali.co.uk)
Fascinating. My great, great grandfather, James Allan, lived wife his wife, Emma and his youngest son Henry, at 59 Cardigan Street in 1881. The Allan's lived at various addresses in Cardigan Street from at least 1851 to 1891. There seems to have been a lot of Cab drivers in this road. James had been one and his son Clement and grandson George were both cab drivers at some times in their lives.
Kind regards
Johnny Allan

Saturday 12 September 2009 01:58 - Elizabeth Bowers (njwildflower@netzero.net)
Hello Stephen, bravo! a marvelous site! I had no idea the Newbons were such a prolific lot! phew! I have much confusion with marriages and descendants...way too many James and Ann's. ???
My bloodline is from Thomas of course, then James born abt 1779 to Thomas and Charlotte Reyson. Correct so far? Then James marries Ann Harvey and they have yet another James 1812,......now here are more Ann's if my research is correct. ??
James marries Ann Allcock who dies in 1840, then marries Ann Sheldon. Some records make it look as if they have two more James. ??? Anyway William born 1849 marries Matilda Turner and they have eleven more! Ethel the youngest is my grandmother.
More confusion lies in old photos of a wedding showing who we think is Ethel's older brother, another James born 1882, marries Louie (Louisa) Davis and their son William V.E. born 1910 marrying Mary Atkinson.
I'd love to share some old Newbon photos...do you have a collection? a gallery for everyone to see perhaps?
Some photos have written on back Edith Newbon who we think is the Frances Edith born 1906.
Other photos mention visiting Aggie and Alice...we think Alice is Ethel's sister but don't know of any Newbon names Agnes or Alice. Alice lived at 70 Downing Ave Basford according to an old photo.
There is a young boy named Derek and we don't know if James fathered yet another son later in life or that is his grandson. ??? No records to be found.
I'm looking for help but also looking to share photos with others who have an interest and a connection.
thanks very much for any assistance or leads you can provide.
you have done a tremendous amount of work and to be commended!

Monday 26 October 2009 19:38 - Kathy Hanks (dhanks0001_1999@yahoo.com)
Hi, My name is Kathy and I live in the US. I am researching my family tree. I was reading your artical as it mentioned Boyce's Cottages Garrat Lane, Wandsworth. Some of my ancesters lived at 2 Boyce's Cottages in 1885. Charlotte and William Stannard were the parents. They had 7 children William Alfred dob 1871, Elizabeth Charlotte dob 1874, Ellen Anna 1876 (my Nan) Edward Albert dob 1879 (Could this be one of your relations), Robert Earnest dob 1881, Cater dob 1885(whose birth certificate I have with the address on) and Rose Margaret dob 1889.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
sincerly Kathy Hanks.

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